Bussing is when a mafia member backstabs a fellow mafia to get the trust of the villagers, usually by supporting (and possibly even leading) a lynch against his fellow mafia.

How to Bus Effectively

Bussing works best if it fits in naturally to a player's fakeclaim. For example, if you are a mafia is pretending to be a villager, and you would normally pick up on certain scumtells that you are worried the town has noticed or will notice, then noticing those scumtells and attacking your mafia partner is a natural part of the role you are trying to sell to the town. On the other hand, if you tend to vote relatively randomly, or if you tend to sheep the PRs, bus that way instead. Try not to be either more or less aggressive when bussing than you would normally be as a villager.

Bussing is least effective when it is unnatural. If you are not normally a good scumhunter when you're town and all of a sudden it seems like you psychically know who the mafia are, the town may suspect you of bussing. Similarly, if the mafia partner you're bussing doesn't react to your attacks the way he'd react to them if a real townsperson was attacking him, the town may suspect that your mafia partner was willingly allow you to bus them.


  • Reverse Anti-bussing (also referred to as Wargazming) is when one of the uncleared villagers makes a strong case that you are maf, and you lead the cleared villagers to believe that they are your partner and are engaged in a bus.
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