To claim a role is to tell the town what role you are.

Hard claim

A hard claim is a "no return" claim that cannot be retracted.

Soft claim

A soft claim is a subtle gesture that indicates a person is likely a certain role, such as a power role.


To retract a claim is to take it back. A retract can be interpreted as scummy, but not always.

Mass claim

A massclaim is where all players in the game say which role they are. It forces Mafia to fakeclaim and in certain situations can make finding the scum easy. However, massclaiming doesn't always work; in games with converting roles such as Cultists or Yakuzas, a converted person could claim their original role and appear innocent.

Hypo claim

A hypo claim is where everyone claims the same role, such as cop, and outs a report. This is done so that if the real cop dies, the town knows their report. This strategy is not foolproof, however, because it helps the mafia figure out the real cop in the first place.

Counter-claim, Fillering/Filler, Claim, Meta, WIFOM, Sheep, Fakeclaim, Joint