Cop Cop is a VillageVillage role. It is one of the most common Power Roles in the game.
Cop Cop
Visits one person every night.

Sided with the village.

Roles that appear to self as Cop


  • Original cop icon
  • Blave cop icon
  • Muskratte cop icon

The cop investigates one person every night.

When the next day comes, cop gets a report with the chosen person alignment, mafia or village. (Third-party shows up as village).

If the cop chooses "PlayerA" at night, the next day the following message will be shown:

After investigations, you suspect that PlayerA is sided with the village.


After investigations, you suspect that PlayerA is sided with the mafia.


  • Similar to the Templar Templar, if there is more than one cop, they share a meeting.
  • All of the cops (Lazy Cop Lazy Cop, Confused Cop Confused Cop, Insane Cop Insane Cop, Naive Cop Naive Cop, Paranoid Cop Paranoid Cop) but this Cop have a suit for this role.
  • Cops still get Actress as mafia.
  • The night Yakuza yaks and you get the yakked target, they will appear innocent.


Miller Miller, Suspect Suspect, most MafiaA Mafia members, framed targets, and more appear Guilty.

Almost all of the VillageVillage roles, lawyered mafia, the Godfather, the Third Party, and more appear Innocent.

Cthulhu and Cult appear as sided with the Cult.


  • Depending on the setup, it's best to reveal if there's a protective role such as a Doctor Doctor. They can protect you while you investigate for the mafia.
    • But, this strategy has a MASSIVE downside depending on the setup. Roles such as Driver, Hookers,
  • Also part of the first strategy, try to hypo claim if there isn't any protective roles. Sometimes it's wise to just claim PR (Power Role)
  • If there is a Caroler Caroler that visits you, you basically have to invest the 3 people chosen, since AT least one of the three of them are mafia.
  • If a Framer is in the setup, always invest the same person two times in case if you think you have caught a framed target. Same thing for Lawyer, but the Lawyer will might lawyer it constantly.
  • Same thing goes for Dreamer Dreamer, as long they reveal their dream to the town.
  • If you find out who the Detective Detective is, both of you can investigate the same person, and if there is a Godfather, the Detective can reveal who it is to the town.
  • Don't bother investing your CCs, since for starters you already know your CC is Mafia.


Super Sleuth! - You correctly choose a mafia at night to investigate!


EpicMafia - Meet the Cop

EpicMafia - Meet the Cop