Day Actions are the things that Power Roles or if a non-power role receives a gun. Some roles have things that take effects during the day (Voodoo for an example)

Roles that have day actions

  • The Governor Governor/Don is capable of overriding a lynch.
  • The Deputy Deputy/Sniper, Sheriff Sheriff/Illusionist can shoot somebody.
  • The Jailer Jailer/Interrogator can choose to jail somebody before the day ends.
  • The Arsonist can choose to ignite all of his doused targets.
  • The Ventriloquist can choose to impersonate somebody during the day.
  • The Town Crier Town Crier can cry during the day.
  • The Chef Chef can make two people meet during the day.
  • When lynched, the Hunter Hunter can make a shot.
  • When lynched, the Paparazzi can choose to reveal somebody.
  • The Invisible Man Invisible Man can choose to follow somebody each day.
  • The Party Host Party Host can throw a party.
  • When given a key by the Keymaker Keymaker, the person can choose to lock their self in.
  • The Agent Agent/Spy and Telepath Telepath/Whisperer can choose to contact somebody.
  • The Virgin Virgin can be lynched, preventing from mafia to kill.
  • The Paralyzer can lock votes once per game.

Roles that have abilities that take effect at the daytime

  • When the Voodoo Lady curses somebody, the chosen person must say the word.
  • The anarchist can give a bomb to anybody during the night, and takes effect during the day.
  • The Gunsmith Gunsmtih/Associate can give a gun to somebody which can be shot at the day.
  • The Host can give his role to somebody at any given time.
  • The Silencer, Fiddler, and Blinder's ability works on the chosen target.
  • The Snowman can give somebody a snowball to throw at the day
  • The Cutler can give a person a knife to cut somebody with\

Item Messages

  • You received a vest/doll/gun/suit/crystal/bread/key/knife!