Deputy Muskratte
Deputy Blave
Deputy Original

Town, Mafia or Third Party


What does this role do?

Starts out with a gun.

Would this be considered a Power role?

In some setups.

Deputy Deputy is a VillageVillage role. The mafia variant of this role is the Sniper. Deputy is a variation of
Deputy Deputy
Carries one gun that can be shot during the day.

Sided with the village.


  • Carries one gun that can be shot during the day.
  • Gun cannot be stolen.
  • Identity will not be revealed when the gun is shot.
  • Sided with the village.


  • If a gunned by a Gunsmith Gunsmtih, Santa Santa, or Fabricator, the gun will replace Deputy's own gun.
  • Once you shoot his gun, you won't have any more guns till you are gunned.


  • Don't use your gun right off the bat, only in some setups where everybody has to kill the mafia with a gun.
  • Kill your suspected targets with the gun, don't random shoot at all.


Walker Texas Ranger - You successfully shot and killed a mafia!