Doctor Doctor
Can choose one person to save every night.

Sided with the village.

Doctor Doctor or DOC is a VillageVillage role. It is mostly found in the Classic mafia setup. (3 blue, 1 cop, 2 mafia, and doc setup)


  • The doctor is capable of saving one person every night.


  • Doctor can heal poison.
  • The doctor can also kill zombies by visiting them.
  • Doctor cannot heal theirself.
  • If saving a Werewolf's target, the Werewolf will kill the target.


  • If there is a revealed investigative role like Cop Cop, heal them. ExperiencedVigilante Vigilante player may try to find out who you are, but always heal them in case.
  • Bomb Bomb is possibly one of the best roles you can save. Due to the fact that if he is killed during the night, you can save them and Mafia will die. But don't heal the bomb again since Mafia will know who the Bomb is.

Death Messages

  • Too bad _______, could not heal ____self.
  • _____, the doctor, should of saved themselves.


Do Not Harm - You correctly save someone from being killed by the Mafia!



EpicMafia - Meet the Doc

EpicMafia - Meet the Doc