Drunk Drunk is a VillageVillage role. It is a role capable of "roleblocking" other people. The mafia variant of this role is the Hooker. Many say that the Drunk is a "God-Tier" role due to the fact if you use this role correctly, you can basically stop mafia from killing, and etc.
Drunk Drunk
Visits one person every night.

Sided with the village.


  • The Drunk visits one person every night.
  • Any role that it visits will be role blocked.

Roleblocking a role means that their action will not go through.


  • Drunk can kill Driver.
  • Drunk can stop a mafia member from attacking.
  • Nurse Nurse or Drunk Drunk can roleblock the Ninja.


  • The Drunk Drunk is lackluster role early game, but if you survive until the end of the game, you become much stronger.
  • The last mafia member can not kill, tricking the Drunk Drunk. But in a setup with "Must Act", everybody you roleblock is confirmed not mafia.
  • The point of Drunk is to stop suspected people from performing Night actions. So roleblock your FOS.
  • Late game, you become powerful so rb all of the people you haven't


Boozin' - You successfully made the mafia drunk!