What this page is about

Helpful tips & tricks for playing epic mafia.



Doing this will give you gray text. But they're a special format that many people seem to forget.

Here's the format:

/me text random words. epic mafia is soo cool.

You have to have the /me, no space between the / & me. And don't put a word right next to the me.

By that I mean: /mecool. If you do that, it won't work. You have to a space between /me and the word(s) you're typing.


Doing this will let you put the person of you're choice avatar in text.

But, when doing this the name part is case sensitive. Allow me to show you,


Person's Username: wuerdgirl (I'll be using mine)

%wuerdgirl = this will show the icon

%WuerdGirl = this will not show the icon


>text = Green text


>[insert text here] or >text


Mafia CC-ing as Cop

Don't say you're cop. Just say your report.

When Being Lynched/Accused/or Something Else

When being lynched, especially lynched, accused, or something else, NEVER say "Why me?"

That basically is admitting guilt. Even if inno. Especially in Sandbox.

Try to divert it or counter fos.

Mafia Killing Tip

If cop says "Doc on me." Do NOT repeat try to kill the Cop that night. Or the night after it. It'll get you know where.


If you're killed in a points game, and want to leave but want the points. You can leave.

You'll still get the points.

Allow me to simplify, If you're dead & leave, you can still get points.

Power Role Role Claim

When someone asks for a Power Role/PR to claim, just say "PR" so as not to reveal which of power role you are.

[Roles|Power Roles] info


Name Claiming

Being a different character in the Anonymous Deck then you where assigned.




Regular plain mafia.

This role right here.

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