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Mafia is a game of psychology that was introduced in 1986 in Moscow State University. It started off very simply, with basic roles such as villager and mafia. The mafia were the informed minority and the village was the uninformed majority. Although there are other roles, the basic premise of an informed minority versus an uninformed majority remains.

Epic Mafia was a live mafia site created in January of 2008. It is played real-time, using a live chatting and voting system. The website featureed 3 "stickied" lobbies: Main, Sandbox, Games, and Survivor as well as a variety of user-created custom lobbies.

Main Lobby was where users can hone their mafia skills & be taught the basic fundamentals of mafia in unranked & ranked (red heart) games, before progressing onto the Competition,where users competed in competitive (gold heart) games each round to win trophies. The top three players from each round taking home a goldsilver, and bronze trophy respectively.

Sandbox Lobby was an non-competitive, unranked "fun" lobby.

Games Lobby was the main home of all the mini-games Epic Mafia also has to offer, and boasts a userbase of two people per day.

Survivor Lobby was like a "big brother" type show.

Additional help, such as strategies, guides, and theory can be found on this very wiki, as well there was an active forum on Epic Mafia where new players can ask questions.

Elevator Pitch

Every person is assigned a role at the start of the game. You are randomly sided with either the village, the mafia, or a third party. During the night, the mafia secretly meet and discuss to decide who they want to kill, while other power roles decide what to do. During the day, the village players must figure out who is not sided with the village and vote them off.

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