Fool  is a Third Party role. It is one of the most common Third Party roles.


The Fool may pay anyone a visit during the night and cause no effect. They win the game upon being lynched. The Fool can also win the game with the town, but receives less points.

Strategies and Tactics

  • Try and spin the town in circles , and act backwards.
  • Don't visit in a game with Granny Granny - you'll just get killed. It's also easier to deduct you're the fool if there's a Tracker Tracker or a Watcher Watcher, so only visit with caution.
  • If there is no Vigilante VigilanteMason Mason, or Cult alive in a game, then it may be wise for you to claim your role out loud. This prevents the Mafia and/or Killer from killing you at night, leading to a better chance at a joint-win.
  • Stemming from the above-mentioned strategy, if the mafia is losing, and you have no innocent report on you, you may just want to not claim, so that the town will still accidentally lynch you.
  • It is usually easier to joint-win than it is to win on your own.
  • If there are Tracker Tracker or Watcher Watchers, try to think as a mafia and target the player who is most likely to get killed. This can result into a power role catching you and a win for you.
  • If attempting to fake a role claim, Hunter Hunter is a good choice; people will be willing to lynch you.
  • Don't make it obvious that you want to be lynched. It will only result in the opposite.
  • Leak a role that is likely to be lynched, and cc it to be yourself.
  • In a game with Lightkeeper Lightkeeper, wait until the lights go out and if the cop is alive, out a cop report attesting to your guilt.
  • Under no circumstances repeatedly type something like "LYNCH [YOUR NAME]" -- despite the fact *we* don't know who's saying what in the game, the server does record it, and you could potentially get banned for spamming.

Sandbox strategies:

  • Claim Baker Baker, Hunter Hunter, Oracle Oracle or fool to get lynched.
  • taboo: claiming Virgin Virgin as Fool. Since it's the oldest trick in the book, experienced players will not fall for this. This may work on new players if you