Forger Forger is a MafiaA Mafia role. It is one of the many roles that is chance-based.


  • Visits one person every night.
  • He/she will learn of that person's written Will.
  • 50% chance of successfully substituting that person's Will with a forged copy.
  • Sided with the mafia.


Strategies and Tactics

  • There isn't much you can do in Last Will setups since some people won't leave wills and other that do, but are really bad.
  • Anybody who has information that can be used against the Mafia (such as a Cop Cop), is a good idea to forge their will. Writing their will with some real innocent people and fake guilties are a good way to get the town to get rid of a townie.
  • You are a nuisance to the town like a Disguiser Disguiser because once one of the two roles are dead, they can trust anybody again. (In this case, wills.)
  • If with a Detective Detective who reveals the roles of the town, a Stalker and a Disguiser, the three of you can trick the whole town with the Stalker checking the town for the roles, the Disguiser guises, and you have to cover for the Disguiser, one wrong step can ruin the whole mafia, since you are the most risky one in the mafia, you have to rely on your luck.
  • A Janitor or a Tailor is a good idea too, but since Mortician Mortician is a major counter to these, it isn't really recommended.