The Gist of Game Throwing

Game throwing is a violation of the game's rules.

  • Meaning, you can and possibly will be reported for it.
  • Yes, you can be banned from competitive mafia.

The Basic Definition

Is playing so your side/team doesn't win. So if you're town, you purposely try to get the mafia or third party roles to win. Mafia, tries to get town or third party wins. Get the idea?

If this (the above^) doesn't make sense, here's another way. It's how [epicmafiakuzuryuu[1]] on tumblr put it. I just reworded it a bit because it's a bit hard to understand the original way it's worded.

Gamethrowing, by its most basic and all-encompassing definition, is knowingly playing against your win-condition.

The town’s win-condition is to eliminate all anti-town roles, i.e. mafia & third party roles.

The mafia’s win-condition is to reduce town to equal their own numbers, i.e. less town & third party roles.

Third Party win-conditions vary, but it’s literally just what you have to do in order to win.

Here's the link to the original [post[2]].

Possible Reasons for Report/Some Methods of Game Throw

  • Voting yourself (unless you’re fool)
  • Knowingly voting for your own team WITHOUT strategic intent
  • Knowingly shooting a gun at your teammate without strategic intent
  • Knowingly shooting a fabricated gun
  • Refusing to claim your role when asked by a confirmed clear/when you’re on the verge of a lynch/when someone else claims your role (as town)
  • Repeatedly investigating people whose alignments you already know
  • Refusing to perform your night action for no strategic reason
  • Knowingly visiting granny without strategic intent
  • No-lynching on lylo (as town)
  • Shooting every night as Vigilante for no reason
  • Not killing when there’s no risk involved (as mafia)
  • Voting a specific person because you have a grudge on them & not because you suspect them of being sided against you
  • Voting your own lover (as lover)
  • Claiming a false role as town without strategic event
  • Lying about reports without strategic intent


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