Granny Granny is a VillageVillage role. The mafia counterpart to this role is the Gramps but who learns the role of anybody who visits him.


  • Will kill anyone who visits her during the night.
  • Cannot die during the night or be killed during the day.
  • Sided with the village.


  • Mimic Mimic can steal the Granny's role and not die.
  • The poisoner can poison the Granny and not die.
  • Werewolf will die even if he guesses right.
  • If jailed the Jailer Jailer or the Interrogator will die by Granny.
  • Ninja cannot die to Granny.
  • Roles that don't visit such as Watcher Watcher, don't die by Granny Granny.
  • Strongman can kill Granny.

Strategies and Tactics

  • If there is a Interrogator in the setup, DON'T CLAIM GRANNY. Usually you will see a Interrogator in Sandbox, meaning last wills are enabled. If you claim Granny, the Interrogator will simply write in their will who is the Granny before dying.



Household Homicide! - You killed a mafia trying to enter your home!


EpicMafia - Meet the Granny

EpicMafia - Meet the Granny