Gun Gun is an item that lets you shoot someone during the day.

Roles that can give out guns

Gunsmith Gunsmtih - Since it's in his name, the gunsmith is capable of giving out guns.

Santa Santa - When visiting a second person, one of the items the Santa can give out is a gun.

Tinkerer Tinkerer - When killed, the killer receives a gun.

Associate (maf) - Can give out a gun to any non-mafia member.

Roles WITH guns

Sheriff Sheriff - The Sheriff carries a gun that reveals the shooter upon firing.

Deputy Deputy - Similar to the Sheriff, but it doesn't reveal the shooter upon firing.

Sniper (Mafia) - The mafia variant of Deputy.

Illusionist (MAFIA) - Starts off with one gun and can choose the gun to reveal a person upon firing.

Roles that mess up with Guns

Fabricator - When giving out a gun, if fired, the gun will backfire and kill the shooter.

Saboteur - Basically Fabricator.

Strategies with the Gun

  • Shoot the person you FOS the most.
  • Sometimes if you're desperate, random shooting is a good idea. You might get the mafia, but on the other hand you might get a townie.
  • Be careful and ask who gunned you.