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Gunsmith.png Gunsmtih or GS (and Funsmith) is a Village.pngVillage role. It is a common Village Power Role.  

Gunsmith.png Gunsmith
Chooses one person to give a gun to every night.

Sided with the village.



  1. The gunsmith can choose to give a gun to every night.
  2. The gun has a 50% chance to reveal the shooter upon firing.
  3. Sided with the Village.


  • The Gunsmith's guns can't stack up.
  • If a gun given out to somebody is stolen by a thief, it works the same way.


  • NEVER GIVE OUT GUNS N1. You might give a gun to a villager (which is good), but you have a chance to give a gun to a Mafia Member. So it's always a good idea to wait N2 so you can gun a trusted village member. 
  • Sometimes it isn't a wise idea to give guns to Cop.png Cop due to the fact that they MIGHT die the night after. Unless there's a protective role in the game, then you definitely should give a gun to the Cop. 
  • If you aren't sure who to gun endgame, don't. You could end up gunning the MafiaR.png Mafia member. 
  • Try to gun a confirmed Treestump.png Treestump, President, Celebrity.png Celebrity, or etc. The Treestump cannot vote, so it's the best choice. 


He's Batman - You gave a gun to a player who shoots and kills a mafia!