• Interceptor can visit other mafia members, but not himself.
  • Watcher DOESN'T get intercepted.
  • Watcher DOES see Interceptor in reports.
  • Tracker DOES see Interceptor in reports.
  • CANNOT stop Baker from giving bread.
  • Does NOT die if intercepted person is saved by Doctor.
  • Intercepted CAN be saved by Bodyguard.
  • CANNOT intercept fellow mafia members if targeting the same person as the night kill.
  • If Interceptor targets the same person as the night kill, the night kill and all corresponding saves will go through first before the interception. For example, if Interceptor kills and intercepts Player A, and BG saves Player A, then the BG save will happen before the interception . Either the BG dies from saving (in which case the interception is pointless since it just "double-kills" the BG), or the BG kills the interceptor (in which case the interception still goes through, and both the mafia and BG die).

System messages

This message is only revealed if two or more persons get intercepted.

You discover that (player1) is the interceptor!

Strategies and Tactics

Playing as Interceptor

  • Choosing a fellow mafia will make him/her similar to a mafia-sided Granny.
  • You can also choose a person who will likely be investigated on N1.
  • Choose outed power roles to kill defensive roles, like Doctor. Watcher doesn't see the Interceptor in the report.
  • Advanced tactics: In late game, you can accuse someone of being the Interceptor claiming that you got the revealing message.
  • The Interceptor cannot visit themselves if they think they will be a night target.