When visiting a person who has been killed over the night, the Janitor will conceal their role from the rest of the town.

System Messages

To the town at large

When a player was cleaned up by a Janitor (note: this message is not shown to Janitor)

(player1) is missing!

To the Janitor

If the Janitor chooses a target at night, and the target died, a message will be shown to him showing the role of the dead person.

While cleaning up the mess, you learned that (player1) was a (role).

Strategies and Tactics

Playing as the Janitor

  • A lot of players, when playing the janitor role, consider fake claiming the cleaned-up deadbody's role, such as faking a cop report when the cop is cleaned up.
  • A decent fake report can indeed cause confusion for townies, even if the cop wasn't janitored. In whisper games, it's better to fake that someone else sent you the report. This is especially useful if you janitored the BG or doc. If you want to appear innocent, bus a scum after the cop comes out.
  • After you use your ability, only you know the dead player's role. Be sure to let your mafia partner know as soon as possible.
  • You can use the role of the cleaned-up body to do a fakeclaim.
  • Pay careful attention to who goes out at night. If your mafia partner makes the kill and you clean up the body, and your target turns out to be a Granny Granny or being watched by a Watcher, you will both be caught.
  • Janitor can clean up kills that were not carried out by the mafia. Cleaning up a vigilante's target, for example, can be more beneficial than cleaning up the player targeted by the mafia - especially when the said player has been cleared by the town and has no protection.

Playing against the Janitor

  • Remember that  Mortician Mortician and Amnesiac can find out what roles have been cleaned by the Janitor.
  • If mafia kills Hunter HunterDoctor Doctor or Bodyguard Bodyguard there is a good chance the janitor will claim a different role.
  • Bomb, Bulletproof and Granny cannot be janitored. Leader, Lightkeeper and Oracle can't be janitorred without town knowing.
  • Beware of a Janned role when there is a Baker in the game.


Oxyclean - You hid the dead body of a power role in the game!


  • When the Janitor was first introduced, he had no limit on the amount of times he was able to use his power. Almost immediately the community complained that the Janitor was far too powerful this way.
  • The two proposed changes to the Janitor were to either separate it from the mafia team (similar to a Silencer), or reduce the amount of times a Janitor may use its power to just once. The latter idea won out, and he has been functioning in that way ever since.


Discuss Janitor bugs

  • Reveals true sanity of cops (sane/insane/naive/paranoid)
    • Wasn't intended, therefore it is a bug
  • If a player is guised and janned, and the guiser is lynched, the jan effect ends and the role is revealed.
  • If the Janitor survives to the next day after janning someone, the janitor will receive the message about the janned player for the same amount of times as the number of mafia remaining -1.
    • The Janitor report appears as many times as the number of votes on the victim during the night meeting.