Kicking is a mechanism for players to remove players who haven't voted after the timer has hit 0.

Each day, when the timer goes to 0, a button will appear saying "Kick inactive players" with a few strike marks. Each player can kick once per day/night. When enough people (# of alive players * ⅔, rounded up) have kicked, an auto-kick timer of 15 seconds will start. When this second timer ends, and there are still people who haven't voted, then those players will be forcibly kicked out of the game if there is not a majority of votes on them. You cannot kick when you are dead. Getting kicked without a majority of votes on you counts as a Suicide.


To veg is to get kicked out of the game for not voting in time. This term derives from the following message that appears when a player die due to getting kicked:

Player1 has turned into a vegetable!

Kick lynching

To kick lynch is to kick someone who, if they had voted, would have gotten lynched normally.

If someone gets kick lynched, the game stays ranked, and the person that got kick lynched does not receive a suicide.


After the first kick, everyone's votes are locked in.

This can create situations where mafia can win due to the way the votes are split up. This can be thought of as a Blitz.

(ADVANCED) Players can also perform kick tests to see who kicked initially and who didn't.

Reset timer

When all but one player has voted, the timer shrinks to 2 minutes if at the beginning of the day or a fraction of two minutes based off of the time left in the day. By unvoting and voting again, you can reset the timer to before the fraction was taken, so that other players can't kick and force a lock. This can block mafia from blitzing.