Lastwill Last Will is a piece of paper that is shown to the rest of the town after you die. Last Wills only exist in the game if the host has turned them on. Players can edit what is shown in a will at the right of the screen at night, looking like an empty piece of paper. A player's last will often includes critical information, although it is a focal point for the use of deception in the game. VillageVillage members will often include descriptions of what they were doing in each of the nights.

The use of wills

Last wills can be crucial to the VillageVillage roles as they can provide a summary of information gained before death, often stylised in a simple way.

For example, a Watcher Watcher's will might include:


N1: Watched A - B and C visited them.

N2: Watched D - E visited them (D died? E suspicious?)

In this example, the nights are shown as N1 and N2 for each of the nights. Many players like to show their wills in this fashion but there are a number of advantages and disadvantages for the VillageVillagers when used this way. Other roles, such as the MafiaA Mafia, won't use wills in such a way. A Third Party role, such as the Template:Fool, will sometimes use the will as a means of teasing the other players for having hanged them. Players should show caution in when they use wills, as they are capable of turning the game in many different ways, for any side.

Some roles gather a lot of information, such as the Watcher Watcher.

Advantages of using Last Wills

For VillageVillagers

  • Thorough but simple wills will help the VillageVillage determine other players' roles or find out if they are suspicious. This is especially the case when the will's owner is a Cop Cop, Watcher Watcher, Tracker Tracker, Detective Detective, Snoop Snoop, Journalist Journalist, Mortician Mortician or Pathologist Pathologist; e.g. a Watcher Watcher's will containining "N3: A visited by B, C. A silenced!"
  • A Disguiser Disguiser will switch places with the victim's. If the will contains the original name of the victim, it will be obvious that the victim was disguised, which will most often lead to a successful lynching. 

For MafiaA Mafia

  • A MafiaA Mafia will can reveal information to direct the VillageVillage's attention to lynching a Neutral role. E.g. "A cannot be killed" may get the person lynched if they cannot convince the VillageVillage of their innocence.
  • It's possible for a MafiaA Mafia member to call out roles that otherwise would benefit from not being known. Exposing the roles allows the mafia to target said roles in the VillageVillage.
    • Additionally, a MafiaA Mafia role which found out someone's role can claim certain people are a specific role, in order to get the VillageVillage to lynch them or not to trust them.

Disadvantages of using Last Wills

For VillageVillagers

  •  Wills can lead to many wrong lynches as well, especially when details about VillageVillagers who have been framed or (wrongly) accused are included. MafiaA Mafia members can use this to their advantage
  • Although wills can contain important information, the nature of deception in the game may lead to some wills being disregarded whereas the information included is actually correct
  • Some wills will contain information about who might be what role. This information is just as precious to the MafiaA Mafia as it is to VillageVillagers. The MafiaA Mafia might use the information to select their next target which could be a key role.
  • A Forger Forger can learn a person and has a 50% chance to change their will into a one written by the Forger Forger.
  • Last Wills may reveal who the Granny Granny is if they visited a Granny Granny the night they died and wrote the name in their will.
  • MafiaA Mafia and Third Party may have fake roles, taking the suspicion off of them.

For MafiaA Mafia, and other evil roles

  • There are some people who use the last will to rat out their fellow MafiaA Mafia, which can be very annoying and even rule breaking. In most cases, if a fellow MafiaA Mafia rats you out, you are most likely dead, as trying to fight back to convince the VillageVillage you are not a MafiaA Mafia will make yourself seem more suspicious.