MafiaR Mafia, also known as vanilla, or nilla for short (because vanilla might also refer to a plain villager, plain villagers are usually called blues for short).

The term mafia can also refer to the team of mafia-aligned characters as a whole, especially in a game where there are no living vanillas. This page is just about plain mafia.


  • Mafia has night meeting with other roles sided with mafia (except Mafia roles that don't attend mafia meeting.) every night.
  • They vote to choose a victim every night. That person will die in the next morning.

Roles that turn into Mafia

Mistletoe - When kissed by Hooker, Mistletoe will turn into mafia.

Yakuza - When they Yak their target, the target becomes mafia.

Consigliere - Consigliere has a option to turn into a Mafia.

Strategies and Tactics

  • Try to put yourself in the mindset of a villager. You need to react as a villager reacts in order to get past the scrutiny of savvy villagers. It's tricky, but don't overdo it and don't underdo it.
  • You may want to prepare a Fakeclaim in advance. It's usually best to fakeclaim as a reporting role such as Cop CopTracker Tracker, or Watcher Watcher so that the town has trouble figuring out which reports are real, your fake reports or the real ones. It's also good to fakeclaim as roles that the mafia has trouble killing effectively, such as Granny GrannyBomb BombBulletproof Bulletproof, or Oracle Oracle, although these roles tend to stay hidden until later in the game. Avoid fakeclaiming as protective roles such as Doctor Doctor  Bodyguard Bodyguard (for more on that topic, read this). It's best to inform your mafia partners of any special fakeclaim at night before you execute it during the day.
  • Be extremely careful about referencing your mafia partners in ANY context. If an observant villager notices a link between two of you after one is revealed to be mafia, the village may be quick to lynch the other.
  • In games with a Watcher WatcherTracker TrackerGranny GrannyBomb Bomb, or Bodyguard Bodyguard, it may be important to decide who actually makes the kill. The last person to vote at the mafia meeting will be the one detected by watchers watching the victim and/or trackers tracking him. (Last person to vote does NOT mean last person to vote for the victim. For example, if Mafia A votes Villager A at the mafia meeting, then Mafia B votes Villager B, then Mafia A changes his vote to Villager B, Mafia B is still the last mafia to vote.)


I'm Miller, I Swear! - You survived and won the game after being investigated!


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EpicMafia - Meet the Mafia