NOTE - Someone who knows the definition of meta should add to this.


Meta, in a game of Epic Mafia, refers to using information, about the current players, from outside the specific game to come to a decision/conclusion. It is similar to outside game influence, also known as OGI, due to the whole idea of meta being that you're taking information outside of the game to influence yourself and others. For example, if Bob suspects Julie of being mafia because "she doesn't normally act this way", that is meta.

A large problem with meta is that one relies on information outside the game to aid them. On one hand, meta is an integral part of mafia; Being able to notice the inconsistencies of others allows you suspect people, especially when you have nothing else to go on. The flipside to meta is that many people who are familiar with eachother immediately town-tell one another because they are both hyper-aware of how the other speaks. While it may seem like apart of the game, it can easily ruin games, especially in situations where two people lynch someone no matter how convincing the person is.

In the end, meta is about learning how a person plays, without reaching a point of blind-trust/distrust due to outside relationships and how a person crosses their T's.

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