Mimic Mimic is a VillageVillage role. It is one of the many uncommon Power roles in the town section.
Mimic Mimic
Chooses one person at night.

Sided with the village.


  • Chooses one person at night.
  • Visits that person (can be Driven).
  • Checks alignment, then performs an action:
  • If the Mimic chose a town:
  • ...Visits that person and self (cannot be Driven).
  • ...Steals their role and turns them into a Villager.
  • If the Mimic chose a mafia:
  • ...Visits self (cannot be Driven).
  • ...Turns self into a Villager.
  • If the Mimic chose a 3rd party role:
  • ...Visits self (cannot be Driven).
  • ...Turns self into an Amnesiac.
  • Sided with the village.


  • When the Mimic visits a Godfather, the Mimic becomes a Villager Villager.
  • If a Mimic visits a self-shrunk Shrink Shrink, the Mimic becomes a Shrink, and the targeted Shrink will stay the same.
  • If the Mimic visits the Cthulu, they will not go insane and just turn into an Amnesiac.
  • Survivor turns into a blue when targeted by Mimic.
  • Mimicking an Amnesiac turns both of them into a Villager.
  • A Cultist can be mimicked and the Mimic will be part of the cult, not an amnesiac.
  • The mimicked target's role action will still go through.
  • If a role(Surgeon Surgeon, Shrink Shrink, Enforcer) is on Mimic the night they switch roles, Mimic will not be turn into the mimicked target's role. If the target is a village role, they will be a Villager.
  • If Mimic is on a non-hostile Third Party (Angel for example), Mimic will get their win condition changed. (Lyncher with a different target, a new Prophet Meeting, new Angel Target)
  • The only time Mimic turns into a Amnesiac is by visiting a hostile Third Party role (Werewolf, Mistletoe, Killer, etc).
  • If Mimic Mimic is on Treestump Treestump when he already converts, Mimic will become a Treestump and the Treestump will not turn into a Villager Villager.
  • If Mimic is on a role that has a gun (Sheriff Sheriff, Deputy Deputy) or a vest (Bulletproof Bulletproof)
  • If Mimic is a Bulletproof, the same night they are attacked, Mimic will die.
  • If Mimic is on a role that can only use their ablity once (Ghoul Ghoul, Enchantress Enchantress, Angel), Mimic will get a chance to use their ablity again.


  • If there is a confirmed Cop Cop ingame and there isn't any Doctor Doctors around swap roles with the Cop, you might be doing town a favor.
  • Just because you turn into a Villager, doesn't mean they're automatically mafia.