Paranoid Cop Paranoid Cop is a VillageVillage role. It is the complete opposite of the Naive Cop Naive Cop who sees everybody as innocent.
Paranoid Cop Paranoid Cop
Visits one person every night.

Sided with the village.


  • Visits one person every night.
  • Receives a report with that person's alignment.
  • Everyone will always appear guilty.
  • Appears as normal Cop to himself and upon death.
  • Sided with the Village.

Other Roles that appear as Cop


  • Paranoid Cop Paranoid Cop has a suit for Cop Cop.
  • Paranoid Cop Paranoid Cop has a meeting with all of the other Paranoid Cops in the setup.


  • VillageVillage, MafiaA Mafia, most of the Third Party appear as Guilty.
  • Werewolves appears as “Sided with the Werewolves”
  • Aliens appears as "Sided with the aliens."

Strategies and Tactics

  • Naive Cop Naive Cop and the Paranoid Cop Paranoid Cop are the hardest cops to prove. Mainly due to the fact that being a Paranoid Cop, you will think you are a Insane Cop Insane Cop.
    • Stemming from the first strategy, a good way to find out your sanity is by finding a Alien if there is one in the setup.
  • Another strategy is to investigate a confirmed townie like a Treestump Treestump or a Celebrity Celebrity. After this, you will get a Guilty report. After this, when the VillageVillage fos's somebody, check them and if they appear guilty, you're a Paranoid Cop.