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Power roles, also a VIP or PR by some, is a role with a special or unique power.

Essentially, every role (apart from blue & vanilla mafia) can be considered a power role.

The term "Power Role(s)" can be shortened to simply say PR.


What roles are and are not "power roles" is a topic of debate among some users. It's agreed that every role that has a night action that will affect gameplay is, by definition, a power role. Not all roles, however, satisfy both of these prerequisites.

Roles like Bulletproof or Granny do not have any night actions at all. They will, however, have an affect on gameplay because the Granny kills anyone who visits her and the Bulletproof must be shot twice in order to be killed. The Fool has a night action, but his night action has no relevance to the game itself (unless there happens to be a Granny, Tracker or Watcher in the game). Furthermore, roles like the Godfather and the Traitor will ultimately change the way the game is played, but the Godfather is, when it comes down to it, just a vanilla mafia who cannot be accurately investigated, and the Traitor is nothing more than a Godfather without any night action.

Another Take

Power roles (for town) can also simply be roles that do not make up the majority of the town. For example, in a setup with 5 villagers, 1 doc, 1 cop, and 2 mafia, the Villager would be the basic role while the doc and cop would be considered the power roles. In a setup with 4 BPs, 1 Doc, 1 Hunter and 2 Mafia. The BPs would be considered the "basic role" and the Doc and Hunter would be considered the power roles.

Again, a player's definition of what a power role is changes between players.

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