Santa Santa
Visits one player every night.

Sided with the village.

Santa Santa is a VillageVillage role. The mafia version of this is the Fabricator.


  • Visits one player every night.
  • Will learn if they are "Naughty" (Mafia) or "Nice" (Town) or "Neither Naughty nor Nice" (Third-party).
  • Will not receive a report if visited.
  • Visits a second player every night.
  • That person will receive an item of Santa's choice.
  • Can give guns, vests, crystal balls, or bread.
  • Sided with the village.


  • Santa Santa ignores alignment tricks, meaning he can see through Godfather, Lawyered Mafia, and Traitor.

Strategies and Tactics

  • You are basically are a Psychic Psychic, a Blacksmith Blacksmith, an Enchantress Enchantress, a Gunsmith Gunsmtih, a Baker Baker all in one role.
  • If Baker Baker dies, you can give out bread to show the fact that you exist. Also, if you don't have a report, then somebody visited you. It's most likely a Hooker or an another Santa .you exist.
  • A Watcher Watcher and Santa Santa are a dangerous combo, as both are investigating roles. As the Santa Santa can vest the Watcher while the Watcher is constantly on the Santa.
  • Anybody need a vest? Vest a known role like an Celebrity Celebrity or a Lover on you.
  • Need to know somebody's role? No worries, just give somebody a crystal and when they die, it'll reveal a role of a person.
  • Want to kill somebody but town wants to lynch them? Gun a known role!
  • NEVER GUN N1. Give them something else like a crystal to make them a bit of an Oracle Oracle.
  • If you're visited, it's most likely a Santa Santa either giving you an item or doing a report, a Hooker hooking you, a Fabricator giving you a fake item, or something else.