scumslip (or simply slip) is an accidental message sent at the beginning of a day by a member of the mafia or the cult, often caused by the player speaking at the end of the night when the final action is hammered. This is known as a "scumslip" because, in most cases, only scum have the ability to talk at night. Similarly, the player may realize he is about to slip and stop typing, but the players may see his chat bubble and realize he was talking.

Conversely, a slip may also be caused by any village-sided role that has a night meeting. This may cause the town to believe the person who slips is scum, while giving the players role away to the mafia.


Night 2

playerA: kill innoA
playerB: ok!
playerA: voted
playerB: hahaaaa i think he is tracker
(when playerA was about to reply...the night ends)

Day 2

playerA: no i think innoB is tracker.

As it is very strange to see playerA saying that at the beginning of the day, the town probably knows that he/she is mafia and has scumslipped.


Fool Game

In a game with Fool, the fool might fake a scumslip in order to get him/herself lynched.

It should be noted that such fake scumslips are almost always blatantly obvious and done in such a shoddy way that everyone knows that this is the fool. Mafia, however, if skillful, can use this to their advantage...

Day 2
Tuna, the villager, has died a bloody death.
Salmon: ya we should kill Tuna
Salmon: crap
Shark: rofl fool


In a game with a ventriloquist, the vent can fake a scumslip on somebody else to get that person lynched or shot if there is a Gunsmith Gunsmtih.


Some players use it as a joke to other players, they deliberately type something that looks like scumslips just to confuse / joke with other players. However, be careful when you are using it as other players might think it is a normal scumslip and might get you lynched. So it is best not to go too far and get yourself lynched for such reason.