The sui Button

Suicide (sometimes abbreviated as sui) is when a player leaves a game for various reasons, makes it unranked. It is usually very annoying to the players. In some cases it can be good for a side if they are getting owned.

Reasons for Suicide

There are many different reasons for suicide. These are the most common

  • Having to leave
  • Not getting the role you want
  • Suiciding so that you don't lose. This is often seen as bad play, and will result in many people being mad at the suicider.
  • Freeze - A glitch in which you don't go to the next day or can't vote. This usually results in AFK
  • Mass Suicide
  • Trolling
  • Clicking the Getting started button on Firefox.
  • Double clicking to join the room can sometimes result in freezing or entering and leaving immediately, which can result in accidental suicide.
  • When typing during pregame or day, hitting backspace deletes words you have typed. If the game changes to night, you may accidentally suicide by hitting backspace because you are no longer typing in the chat. This can be avoided by tweaking Firefox 3 or other recommended browsers.
  • Suiciding after the game has started, because you were assigned a Villager role. Also known as Bluicide.