Templar Templar or Temp is a VillageVillage role. It is found in the "Take me out to Granny's" Setup."
Templar Templar
Shares a night meeting with all other Templars.

Sided with the village.


  • The Templar shares a night meeting with all of the other Templars in the setup.
  • Sided with the village.


Strategies and Tactics

  • During the night, if Last Wills are available, WRITE YOUR PARTNERS NAME IN. This helps clear the suspicions of your partner and also makes them clear.
  • The only time you should reveal your partner is when they're about to be lynched.
  • The only time you SHOULDN'T reveal your partner is when a Werewolf is in play. Instead, try to WIFOM and say somebody else is your partner so you can at least reveal the Werewolf upon your death.
  • A good tactic to do with your partners if there's a Disguiser Disguiser, make a code that everybody (including you) will make. This helps finding the Disguiser super easier since they don't know what the heck you guys were talking about.