Town Crier Town Crier, Crier, or TC is a VillageVillage role. The Town Crier is role great for setups with no protective roles or ones with or without whispers.
Town Crier Town Crier
Can send anonymous messages that appear during day phases.

Sided with the village.


  • Can send anonymous messages that appear during day phases.
  • Sided with the village.


Someone cries out | [message]


Strategies and Tactics

General Strategies:

  • Timestamps are really important for the Crier so start to get used to them.
    • Stemming from the first strategy, don't use your ability randomly and act like you didn't do it as it helps mafia greatly. Since whoever talks less than a second before or after your cry is CONFIRMED NOT CRIER.
  • Try to change your typing like if I type like this "ok, we should lynch that dude", when crying I should be like "Magicdude1023, who do you FOS?", this doesn't help mafia.
  • Since you are a clear townie, you can direct who to lynch and who for a gunned person to shoot.
  • Giving out foses while crying is a great strategy since it doesn't reveal you.

Crier Lines Strategies

  • The way the crier line works is that NOBODY talks besides Town Crier Town Crier. Nobody talks after the Crier line.
  • The way somebody is supposed to say the crier line starting from 5 then countdown to 0. This is a sign for everybody in the VillageVillage to shut up. After that happens, everybody is silent until the Crier speaks.
  • Try to get everybody to be quiet so somebody can say the crier line. If they talk while Town Crier crys, this helps narrow down who is Town Crier, resulting in your death.
  • If somebody says the crier line, and you don't have a read on anybody, say no read or continue. At least something like that.
  • Be prepared for the Crier Line. Some people like to get the crier line early, others like to get it by the end of the day.

Town Crier and Governor Strategies:

  • Since if there is a Town Crier Town Crier, there often has to be a Governor Governor in the setup. These two are a dangerous combo to the mafia since both of them can clear their selves. Use the roles carefully, and you could win with these tactics.
  • Don't cry the Override lynch, only the lynch. The reason behind this is that you told mafia two names that aren't Crier and helps narrow down who is TC. Don't WIFOM and put your name either.