Tracker Tracker is a VillageVillage role. The mafia variant of this role is the Scout. It has a variant, the Watcher Watcher.


  • Visits one person every night.
  • Will know who that person visited that night.
  • Sided with the Village.

System Message:

You followed ____ throughout the night. ___ visited ____.


  • If Tracker is on Yakuza, the order he sees is: Kill target, Yak target, Yakuza's name
  • If Tracker sees somebody visiting undefined, it's Jailer Jailer/Interrogator/Amnesiac ending their empty meeting.
  • If visits Tracker and Watcher will see their actual meetings, not their picks.
  • If tracker was on witch target, the visited will be hit and will be seen as visiting self.


  • Tracker Tracker, Watcher Watcher, Lookout, and Scout are FORCED to visit somebody.


  • If you find somebody that visits, you should know that they're a Power Role of some sort. Depending on the setup, they could be ranging from a Sleepwalker Sleepwalker to a Killer Killer. Try to figure out what type of role they could be.
  • If you happen to track a person who visited the person that died, get a claim out of them before pressing a lynch on them and revealing you're Tracker Tracker.
  • Getting a target that doesn't visit in a setup without Power Roles is more likely to be Town. The reasoning behind this is because the Mafia has to make a nightkill or else they'll veg.


On the Trail - You follow a mafia twice during the night and survived.