EpicMafia is not only about playing games and accumulating total points. There are competitions for all players to participate in and trophies up for grabs.


When you win a ranked game or a competitive game, you will receive certain amount of points depending on your alignment (or role with third parties) in that game. Look at the setup to see the number of points you will receive.


  • If one or more players has accumulated 2000 points in that round, that round will end at the coming Midnight, Eastern Time (00:00 EST)
  • A new round starts 24 hours after the previous one ends
  • The maximum no. of ranked games a player can play depends on the no. of hearts he/she has on that account.
  • The points received are accumulated throughout the round.


  • Trophies are given out at the end of a round.
  • The Gold(1st), Silver(2nd) and Bronze(3rd) trophies will go the the first three players on the score list.
  • Trophies won are shown on the winners' profiles and they also appear when other players click on their usernames during games.
  • The winners of the previous rounds will be shown on Homepage of EpicMafia for a round.
  • There have been players who were found cheating after trophies were given out, and their trophies were deleted.

Honor Role

The Honor Role is calculated by the number of wins over total plays a player has with a specific role. A player is considered eligible to be in contention for a spot in the Honor Role when they have completed at least nine games with one role.


The highest ruling families are calculated by the collective total scores achieved by each family member.