Villager Villager
Wins when all the mafia are dead.

Sided with the village.

Villager Villager or blue, citizen or townie is a VillageVillage role. It is the most common role found in setups and can sometimes be replaced by other roles, like the Bulletproof.

Roles that can turn self/others into Villager

  • Shrink Shrink - If a Shrink targets a Killer, the Killer will be converted into a Villager.
  • Mimic Mimic - If a Mimic chooses a mafia at night, the Mimic will turn into a Villager.
  • Priest Priest - if a Priest is killed there is a 50% chance that village sided killers will turn into Villagers.
  • Hooker
    - Can turn Virgins to Villager if they hook them.

Roles that appear as Villager

To self and investigative roles:

Not to self, only to investigative roles:


Villagers have no power except with their vote or if they have a gun.

Strategy and Tactics

Playing as a Villager

  • Help the town win in any way you can!
  • Soft claim as a power role when demonstrated as innocent, to deflect from the real power roles. Sometimes works, sometimes blows up in your face -- depends on the conditions under which you fakeclaim. However dangerous it might be, it's better if it's done as often as possible.
  • Try to get yourself killed in various ways; since mafia killing a villager means a power role gets saved. Type a little less, fake slipping up about being a role, etc.


  • You are possibly one of the best roles in the game, you may not have any abilities but, you have the greatest tool avabile to you. Scumhunting. Use it wisely, and you surely will win.
  • Don't rely on Cop Cop/Tracker Tracker/Watcher Watcher. Especially when there's a Miller Miller/Suspect Suspect, & Godfather or extra visiting roles in play. One of the only times you should use it is when you need to know roles.
  • Always reread past days and take your time. This can help you find a scumtell you didn't see in the previous days. If you're unsure of something, ask the town to unvote.


Scumhunter - You correctly voted mafia on 3 days despite what the others voted!


EpicMafia - Meet The Villager

EpicMafia - Meet The Villager